In-house digital printing enhances flexibility and customization for luxury wallcoverings.


Thiti Sirichotikunakol (Tum), Operations Director at MD Wallpaper


Founded in 1979, MD Wallpaper has been producing luxury wallcoverings for clients both in Thailand and around the world for over 40 years and they are currently the only wallpaper manufacturer in Thailand that has a factory with analogue printing facilities.


To maintain its company as the leading brand in the interior decoration market, MD Wallpaper is committed to keep its business interiors services up to date and around new trends. Adding digital printing technology to their business can provide the level of flexibility and customization customers in the high-end segment require to offer rich experiences by creating individualization decoration and unique spaces.


Delivering customized premium quality décor products in minimum quantity soon became a challenge due to limitation in analogue printing technique. The reliance on external digital print vendors impacted their turn-around time as print queue is not within their control. To overcome these obstacles, MD Wallpaper decided to bring digital production in-house and sought a versatile printer capable of printing on various wallpaper materials while maintaining colour consistency and is an odorless prints suitable for every innovative home décor.


Canon Colorado M5W has played a key role in this evolution. Wallpaper designer’s feedback, digital printing unlocks unlimited creativity opportunities for designing digital wallpaper murals for different trends and themes. Their design are well interpreted based on the Canon UVgel colour vibrancy, matte finishes and with FLXfinish+ technology to create gloss and matte finishes gives an added design elements to their bespoke wallpaper collection.


“We love experimenting and pushing the boundaries, testing on different media, testing different colors, having working with Canon Colorado M-series. I am extremely happy with the results. Colorado M-series printer is an investment in taking digital interior prints to the next level – today and in the future,” said Thiti Sirichotikunakol (Tum), Operations Director at MD Wallpaper.”


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To learn more about the Canon Colorado Printer series and FLXfinish+ technology, and to discover how this innovative technology can elevate your Interior Décor projects, click here.

Published 23rd May 2024

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