Matte or gloss or mixed matte and gloss without the need to change inks or the media or having an extra varnish channel

Your applications will only truly be seen for what they are if they have the right finish. Premium wallpaper looks more luxurious with a velvety matte finish. Photographs reveal their true colour depth and emotional impact with smooth, mirror-like gloss.

With FLXfinish+ technology, you can give any of your applications a matte or a gloss or a mixed matte and gloss without the need to change inks or the media or having an extra varnish channel. The glossy finish is already known as the statement look made possible with UVgel technology. The matte option offers a brilliant new range of applications: even on porous media such as uncoated plain paper, the gel inks stay on top. As a result, the Colorado 1630 & 1650, and the Colorado M-series can print matte prints that offer an unusually rich gamut, while maintaining sharp details. Smart use of the Colorado series printers’ UV LED curing lights provides the basis for this flexibility. Full curing happens at the end of the printing process.For applications with a matte finish a brief flash of UV light pins the UVgel droplets in place immediately after the ink lands on the media, fixing the shape of every drop. This results in a textured surface at micro level, producing the matte look with a velvety-like touch. For a glossy finish, droplets are given a little more time to settle into a smooth, even layer.

We can now even combine the two curing processes in a one step process, to enable you to print applications with both mixed matte and gloss finishes, in one print.

FLXfinish+ – print matte, gloss, or mix matte and gloss in one print without changing ink, media or varnish.

An ingenious curing strategy results in two distinct finishes: shiny gloss or velvety matte or both in one go!

Download the video here.

FLXfinish+ explained here:

Colorado M-series_One Click | Two Finishes | One Print | 16:9 | R4 from Canon Production Printing (MC) on Vimeo.

Download the video here.

Two of our customers talking about FLXfinish+:

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