Paste it, don’t copy

Wall covering and decoration is a huge, promising market that has been based on a completely analogue production process for a long time.
But it is now slowly but surely turning digital. Various media and techniques are used:

  • Wall paper: the traditional paper roll, often with a texture, that later is glued to the wall/object. Pre-glued papers are also on
    the market.
  • Wall coverings: a textured synthetic media, with or without a self adhesive layer and backing liner.


The most common type used in today’s market is a textured, self-adhesive vinyl.

Colorado series

When designing the Colorado 1650, we targeted the matte finish to have a specific velvety look. We tested and trailed it with interior decorators and this is paying off. We see that Colorado 1650’s matt finish is the preferred look over other technologies for all things interior décor and the Colorado is being adopted by the market’s specialists.

The interior décor market is booming: Customisation is key, mass personalisation is the norm. But if everybody wants it, why isn’t everybody doing it? Find out more why with UVgel, it’s digital, done right.