Embrace the UVgel advantage!

In today’s printing world, it is not enough to be the best at what you do. Customers increasingly want to be able to rely on you for a large variety of eye-catching, innovative applications – at a sharp price and immediate turnaround.

With the Colorado series and Canon’s proven UVgel technology, you will no longer have to say ‘no’ or outsource lucrative jobs. Reinforce your reputation as forwardthinking print provider with a Colorado series Large Format Graphics printer, and confidently accept the most complex roll-to-roll jobs in-house. You will be impressed by the productivity, reliability and versatility of the Colorado systems, every single day.  Their high productivity is supported by automation on an industrial level; the kind you only expect in bigger, more expensive engines.

UVgel technology was revolutionary when it was first introduced. Today, it has proven itself as the new standard in digital large formatprinting, with years of award-winning success in the 64” roll-to-roll market. Stand out from the competition. Offer stunning quality and service. And enjoy the Colorado’s low cost of operation at the same time.

Download the video here