The best uptime

The best cost effectiveness

The best quality

With proCARE this is exactly what we promise you. proCARE is a best-in-class after-sales service programme to keep your Arizona and Colorado printers performing at its very best. Today, tomorrow and in years to come. With proCARE you are ensured of being able to print tens of thousands of square meters, and more, well into the future.

Protect your investment and utilise your Arizona and Colorado printers to the full, with maximised uptime. You benefit from the fastest on-site response times and preventive maintenance support. No worries about spare parts, labour or travel costs. With proCARE, you are fully covered. Do the math and be amazed how cost effectively you can run your Arizona and Colorado printer during its complete lifetime with proCARE!

With the proCARE programme, we make sure your Arizona and Colorado printer keeps on printing, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business, increasing your profit and keeping your customers delighted.

Canon after-sales service received an average satisfaction rating of 95% for live phone and onsite support from our customer.

Not all products and services are available in all countries. Please check your local Sales Office about the availability within your country.

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