The newest release 3.3 of PRISMAguide XL brings the ONYX Thrive and CalderaRIP workflow together into one software package.



With the integration of the CalderaRIP workflow customers can drive multiple Colorado roll-2-roll printers with an efficient print and cut workflow. With this new functionality customers can expand their print offering and create complex multi-layered print applications, including white ink roll-to-roll printing on Colorado, more easily. This will not only help to save time and costs, but it also enables customers to produce samples and shorten print runs cost effectively.


ONYX Thrive customers with Arizona printers find new functionality in this R3.3 via the Advanced Image Layout Controls supporting all Arizona tables. In this way they can make use of multiple reference point flexibility and snap & align image to media functionality in their pre-press workflow. In a similar way as on the User Interface of the latest Arizona printers.


PRISMAguide XL is part of the PRISMA XL Suite that also consists of PRISMAelevate XL, the PRISMAremote app and PRISMAservice.


More about PRISMAguide XL here.
More about PRISMA XL Suite here.

Published 10th Feb 2024

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