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PRISMA XL Suite is a set of workflow software solutions that helps large format graphics designers and print service providers create unrivalled and inspiring print applications.

Building on its successful PRISMA range of Canon print production workflow solutions, PRISMA XL Suite is designed to help large format graphics designers and print service providers simplify and automate production of complex jobs, while helping them to maximise the uptime of their machines.

PRISMA XL Suite consists of PRISMAguide XL, PRISMAelevate XL, PRISMAservice and PRISMA remote app.


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PRISMAguide XL is a powerful and easy-to-use design and workflow management application to automate and simplify advanced print job preparation, including multi-layered and double-sided print applications on Colorado and Arizona printers so that print files are ready in an instant.


PRISMAelevate XL

PRISMAelevate XL is an easy-to-use software application that enables Large Format Graphics designers and Print Service Providers (PSPs) to create tactile print applications and produce outstanding-quality elevated prints up to 2 mm.


PRISMA service

PRISMAservice is the ultimate tool for servicing partners and servicing customers. Maximise up-time via the CARE methodology:

  • Collect diagnostic data remotely
  • Analyse the situation with the collected data
  • Repair via remote assistance
  • And evaluate based on continuous improvement

You will benefit from faster, more efficient and more effective customer support.

For servicing partners and servicing customers PRISMAservice integrates a wide range of Canon service tools in one unified portal.

Increase customer satisfaction with usage dashboards and preventive maintenance.


PRISMA remote app

The PRISMA remote app tightly integrates into your production print operation. Get 24/7 insights in the performance of your Colorado printer. With the PRISMA remote app you not only recognize what’s going on at your printer, the app also provide inside what action is needed to keep your printer running.

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