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PRISMAguide XL  is an innovative software solution that simplifies and automates complex print jobs, including multi-layered and duplex applications, so that print files are ready in an instant. The intuitive software stores the print-ready file, enabling similar future jobs to be prepared more quickly and easily time after time, for long-term production efficiencies. What is PRISMAguide XL ?

PRISMAguide XL is a software application that assists in the design and production of high-value applications:

  • The PRISMAguide XL Extensions are installed in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator
  • The PRISMAguide XL  Engine is installed in the production environment


For designers:

Our Adobe Extensions for Photoshop & Illustrator enable you to create sophisticated print-ready artwork for PRISMAguide XL, Arizona Xpert and Touchstone


Additional technical information is on the Support Tools page