Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht, The Netherlands presents an exhibition by Dutch photographer and media personality Humberto Tan until 17 March 2024. With ‘Tomorrow will be better’, the museum shows an impressive selection of close-up portraits of 100-year-olds and photos of their hands and interior. The nostalgic black and white photography is accompanied by inspiring, explanatory interviews.



For over three years, Humberto Tan traveled across the country to photograph more than a hundred people aged 100 and older. During the subsequent conversations, the passionate photographer asked them four of the same questions of life about their happiness, fears, life lessons, and dreams for the future. He also asked for a health tip.



The result is a beautiful collection of photographs and interviews, which are sometimes piercing, emotional, cheerful or sad. And mostly they are all of those at the same time. It shows an intriguing time image of the past century, and provides surprisingly mixed insights thanks to in total ten thousand years of life experience

Canon contributed to this exhibition in a special way. Ten photos of hands of the 100-year-olds were printed on an Arizona with FLOW technology which supports the new release of PRISMAelevate XL. The photos have been printed with a height of 2 mm and will be displayed across the museum at children’s eye level. The idea behind this is that hands need to be touched and the museum wants to give an experience for children as well.



The exhibition ‘Tomorrow will be better’ and the unique prints are on display until 17 March 2024 in Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

More information is available here.

Published 12th Oct 2023

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