Expand your creativity with PRISMAelevate XL


PRISMAelevate XL is an easy-to-use software application that enables Large Format Graphics designers and Print Service Providers (PSPs) to create tactile print applications and produce outstanding-quality elevated prints up to 4 mm on the award-winning Arizona flatbed series.

  • An integrated solution to create high-quality elevated prints simply and reliably, and printed first-time-right
  • With easy-to-use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator plugins that allows for highly accurate
  • 3D design of elevated print projects without the need for extensive training



Create new exciting elevated prints

The latest PRISMAelevate XL release 2.1 doubles the printing height to 4 mm (0.157”) to help customers create stand-out, tactile artwork for elevated print applications that enhance and expand their product offering. Customers can now unleash a broad range of high-margin applications like high-value signage, décor materials, disability signage and braille, package prototyping and tactile art reproductions.



Turn a creative vision into reality

With PRISMAelevate XL release 2.1 you can now create elevated prints up to 4 mm, in Alto-Plus effect. This provides print customers with increased creativity and opening-up more application opportunities. The intelligent layering enables to print more details in your elevated prints.

This gives your designs a complete new dimension on a variation of substrates like aluminium composite, silver board and glass. PRISMAelevate XL software helps to prepare your elevated prints including varnish ink. This results in reduced warping of the print and extends the application substrate range to more-flexible materials. Users can benefit by adding a varnish overcoat to Alto or Alto-Plus prints for gloss effects, or by using the option to first print a layout check.



For designers and print providers

PRISMAelevate XL is an integrated solution to make high-quality elevated printing simple and reliable, enabling graphic designers, Print Service Providers, sign-makers, and industrial graphics print providers to print new and exciting tactile applications.