Unlock unparalleled customer support with PRISMAservice: Your gateway to proactive maintenance and maximum printer performance.



Did you know PRISMAservice is the central knowledge platform that enables faster, more efficient and more effective customer support? As the single point of entry for all service activities, PRISMAservice focuses on proactive prevention and maintenance planning, with rapid remote and onsite intervention to ensure maximum printer uptime and performance for your customers.


PRISMAservice is now available for you as our Partner. Whether you are providing service towards your customers or not, PRISMAservice is here to provide you with key insights on your customers’ usage & service activities


The valuable information is accessible 24/7 and helps to safeguard the uptime and performance of connected Canon production printing devices, including Colorado- and Arizona series. The tool provides a unified way of working and shares up-to-date and performance-critical usage and performance data from the installed base.


PRISMAservice is part of the PRISMA XL Suite: your set of workflow software applications and printer tools for Large Format Graphics printers.


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Published 23rd May 2024

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