True flatbed printers for true professionals

Take your Large Format Graphics capabilities to the next level with the Arizona series. These UV curable true flatbed printers allow you to produce flawless photo-realistic prints on virtually any media imaginable. With a completely renewed range of models to choose from, the Arizona series offer fantastic opportunities to boost your Large Format Graphics revenue.


Precision printing without compromise
An array of powerful features and innovative technology ensures that the Arizona series is the ideal true flatbed printer for a huge diversity of rigid and flexible media applications.


Endless production possibilities
The Arizona series opens the door to a world of specialized applications that can command premium prices. Unlike conventional rigid capable printers that use friction or belt feed systems, the Arizona series can print on just about anything. That means irregular shaped or non-square items, heavy substrates and materials that have an uneven surface, such as wood. They are also perfect for complex technical or industrial printing applications where accurate, repeatable print geometry is critical.


The Arizona Story
The award-winning Arizona series flatbed printers set the standard in flatbed printing, virtually establishing the market in the early years, and have led the market since 2007. Watch how and why Arizona continues to win awards and retain its place as a market leader.

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Arizona Factory Tour
You can experience the online factory tour in our state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. See our production process in action and learn how our multi-award winning Arizona flatbed printers are made.

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Arizona – Home & Retail spaces | Live applications
Bring your vision to life: unlock the untapped potential of print in home and retail spaces with the Arizona series. Personalisation becomes more crucial as people seek unique, tailored environments that reflect their individual tastes and preferences. Digital printing facilitates this by offering a versatile and efficient means to create customized designs, allowing for a seamless integration of personal style into home and retail decor.

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Meet the Arizona family
The Arizona family offers a comprehensive range of printers across different markets and applications. So, where do you start when considering which one to choose? Capacity and speed are an important first step. What volumes do you currently produce and what are your expectations for the next 3 to 5 years?
The table below offers some insight into how you can map capacity requirements to the range of Arizona printers.