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POP Advertising— disposable posters. This is a common, large market application, used for short term promotional advertising
and display purposes.

  • The application is used both indoor and outdoor. It often consists of short runs with very fast turnaround times.
  • The typical lifetime of this application is between a couple of days up to one month.

Application requirements

Maximum visual impact: you need punchy, vibrant colors and (if indoor) in high quality (despite it being disposable).

  • Very short use, so less expensive media is preferred.


The most commonly used media are (poster) paper, self-adhesive vinyl and self-adhesive paper.


Case Study de Bink

It’s always nice to hear how excited our customers are of our products. Marco van der Krogt of Printing Company De Bink from Leiden likes to tell you why he thinks the Colorado 1640 makes an important contribution to the success of his company.

Read the case study here.