In design, every detail, large or small, contributes to the overall composition. But how can you translate those details into an amazing print, even on unconventional substrates? The 3rd-generation VariaDot technology can help you do just that.



This is how it works

VariaDot technology analyzes your composition and decides the optimal ink droplet size for each element of the design: from as small as 6, to as large as 30 picoliters. Just like an artist uses the right brush for each part of a work of art.

For fine lines, small text and extreme image detail, small, delicate droplets are precisely placed. This helps minimize color bleeding and provide a sharp print with ultra-fine details.

Medium droplets are used to beautifully render soft, subtle areas of color and tonal shifts, like skin tones. Transitioning and blending colors smoothly helps create seamless gradients and delicate quarter-tones.

For bold, vibrant colors and large, solid graphical elements, larger droplets are used. Helping to maximize color strength, especially when printing at higher speeds.

VariaDot technology does all of this in a single pass.



3rd-generation VariaDot technology

The 3rd-generation VariaDot technology now includes the new Production Plus & Quality Plus print modes, enabling you to boost quality without compromising productivity. So, you can print even higher-quality applications using an exciting range of media – including wood, tile, glass, metal and of course, foam-board – as your canvas.


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3rd-generation VariaDot technology: Create your own masterpiece! Find out more here.

Published 20th Jun 2024

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