About Arizona VariaDot technology


Canon’s patented VariaDot imaging technology is at the heart of every Arizona printer. It produces droplets in different sizes, giving you the flexibility to reproduce everything from razor-sharp images to areas of solid colour.

3rd-generation VariaDot technology allows piezoelectric printheads to produce droplets of varying volume on demand. This allows the connected workflow software to specify an appropriate droplet size for each specific image feature. When rendering fine detail such as small type or fine lines, very small droplets can be used, when rendering areas of tonal transition or quartertone values such as skin tones drops of medium volumes can be used and for areas of high density such as solid colors, large droplets can be used.

VariaDot imaging technology can be compared to painting a room on your house. You use a large brush size for quick coverage over large areas and a much smaller, finer brush for detailed areas. Trying to paint a large wall with a tiny brush would result in many artefacts and trying to paint a fine fresco trim with a large brush would be very frustrating. In the same way, VariaDot uses the appropriate size droplet for each specific image feature resulting in the best possible image quality in every part of the printed image.


3rd-generation VariaDot technology:
• Images always appear less grainy than those printed on a 6-colour, fixed dot printer – regardless of the resolution.
• True greyscale: 6-30 picolitre droplets for every possible image element.
• Exceptional photo-realistic print quality.
• Finer details, smoother gradients plus dense and uniform, solid colours.
• Active pixel placement compensation to guarantee uniform, razor-sharp printing.
• Reduced ink costs as VariaDot imaging technology can jet exactly the right size droplet. It uses on average 50% less ink than fixed droplet, 6-colour printers.


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