Van Vliet Printing specializes in creating complex cardboard products such as display stands, packaging and 3D decoration. This requires a lot of materials handling – from stock to printer, from printer to cutter. Our robotised solution helped them to increase productivity and reduce production times.


We can offer solutions for printers, printers in combination with cutters and cutters only. So the choice is yours. Our combined printer and cutting solution works like this:

It’s integrated by Canon’s partner and robotisation specialist Rolan Robotics and picks unprinted media from a pallet adjacent to the Arizona flatbed printer and places it in a registration and turning station which registers the media both horizontally and vertically. The robot subsequently withdraws the media and places it with accurate registration on the empty flatbed for printing. If the substrate is to be printed on both sides, the robot returns the media to the turning station and then re-places it on the flatbed to print the second surface.

When printing is finished, the robot transfers the printed media to the Zünd cutting table. The ProCut software processes the finishing instructions and sends a command to the cutter, without the need for operator intervention. After cutting, creasing or kiss cutting, the robot can either take all materials from the cutter or, alternatively, lift the finished product(s) from the cutter and transport waste to a container for disposal or recycling. The workflow can also identify repetitive jobs, removing the need for job identification and registration for each individual job. This enables the cutting solution to start cutting automatically as soon as the media is placed on the cutting table.

Published 24th Nov 2020

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