On this page, you find information on technical  and application support and global process information. You need a Business Partner or Canon staff graphiPLAZA account in order to see all information.

Additional Product-Specific documentation for Users and Specialists is found on the Hardware pages

Each hardware product page has a Current Technical Information section


In addition to the bulletin archive below

many bulletins and announcements are also posted first in Tech News

Technical Documentation

  • Application Bulletins deliver tips and tricks for using the product most effectively.
  • Tech Flashes deliver fast-breaking information with a promise of further clarification and official documentation once the issue is understood and actions are planned.
  • Information Bulletins deliver official documentation of issues, releases, and actions relating to one or more products.
  • Modification Bulletins deliver notification of specific service modifications along with kit details, deployment instructions, and the official modification number for track and trace purposes.


Product Support Tools

This section contains links to technical support tools

Additional product-specific support information can be found on each hardware product’s Current Technical Information page