Give your business the edge with sophisticated and easy-to-use elevated printing technology to target new, high-end markets using patented ALPS technology. Touchstone produces elevated printing with high-quality results. Programmed layers of ink create unparalleled quality in high-resolution color, adding exciting tactile elements to print projects.

Unique added value

Touchstone delivers exciting elevated printing. Create unique textures, low relief or metallic accents, ideal for signage, décor and packaging.

Standout quality

Automatic processing of each layer ensures pristine quality. Choose between Alto for elevated ink and Brila for elevated varnish for tailored luxury printing.

Innovative ink technology

Advanced VariaDot printing technology gives consistent, outstanding color for excellent tonality and subtle, accurate elevation.

Fuss-free production

Behind-the-scenes processing simplifies production while accurate ink estimates allow uninterrupted, unattended printing for maximised workflow.

Clear conceptualisation

An easy-to-use Adobe Photoshop plug-in allows flawless 3D design of elevated print projects without any complex training necessary.

Simplify the design and production of textured prints.

The workflow consists of both a designers’ and print providers’ component. The designers’ component consists of Adobe extensions for Photoshop and Illustrator that designers can utilize in an environment they are already familiar with. To preview their work, the Touchstone extensions also include a viewer that renders the file in 3D complete with lighting effects. Once happy with the file, the designer saves it as a pdf and sends it to the print provider. The Touchstone certified print provider will be able to process the pdf files in ONYX Thrive using a proprietary printer driver that communicates with the patented ALPS Engine. The ALPS Engine outputs a layered batch file that the Arizona can then print in proper sequence without any additional operator intervention.

For designers:

We enable you to create sophisticated print-ready artwork with our Adobe Extensions for Photoshop & Illustrator

Extensions for, PRISMAelevate, PRISMAguide, Touchstone, and Arizona Xpert, are at: Extensions Downloads

Additional technical information is on the Support Tools page


Download the video here

Download the video here


Using Illustrator for Touchstone Brila

Using Illustrator for Touchstone Alto