Discover alta’s new collection of textured Elegraph™ prints by STALE AMSTERDAM. Titled “Salvador Dali” the collection features two series of one-of-a-kind prints.


Part 2 of STALE AMSTERDAM’s exclusive Elegraph™ Print collection, Salvador Dali is a 1 of 1 Limited Edition.


STALE AMSTERDAM’s unique approach to portraiture has captivated the art world, with his pieces teeming with emotion and personality.

With his impressive skills, he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of contemporary art. Award-winning artist STALE AMSTERDAM is self-taught and has been a full-time professional portrait painter since 2015. In 2010 he started developing his own, original, and recognizable drip paint style. It took five years before STALE was satisfied with his own developed technique, which he himself calls ‘figurative drippings’.


His new collection, inspired by Dali, has been digitally transformed to feature accent colors from the artist’s favorite Dali masterpieces. These artworks features a striking array of color adjustments to Dali’s eyes, color layers and the background canvas.

Each print comes with unique colorways, differentiated by the background, unique colors eyes, and many different color layers of all-over accents. The first print has been auctioned in Las Vegas. The artworks came to life due to a close cooperation between Arius Technology (scanning), Canon (elevated print) and Stale Amsterdam (artist). Read more here about this award-winning project!


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Published 07th Dec 2023

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