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CNM rewinders*/unwinders are autonomous and are designed to be integrated at a COLORADO input or output.
(*Rewinder in development)

Are you looking for the benefits of an external winder for your production?

There are several advantages. The use of rolls of all sizes (even factory rolls), reducing handling time and enabling long, uninterrupted print sessions. So we’re talking about an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs.

In addition, thanks to very precise tension management, these solutions can be adapted to all types of process and materials. This keeps the door open for future markets that would remain inaccessible without our solution.

Are you curious about the benefits of our solutions?

Our winding solutions offer several key advantages for optimizing your production. Firstly, they can accept rolls up to 1 tonne and Ø 1200 mm in diameter, giving you the flexibility to work with large volumes without interruption.

In addition, a wide tension range is available, making our systems compatible with a wide variety of materials. Process management is extremely precise, ensuring a high-quality final result.

A key feature is the ability to unwind and then rewind the material (maintaining constant tension) during the drying phase, which is crucial for print quality. Finally, for intuitive operation, our systems are equipped with a touch screen display that offers advanced control of the winding cycle with a range of state-of-the-art features for efficient, ergonomic management of your production.

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