UVgel Print Factory – quality in quantity

Quality in quantity for large format graphics
End-to-end automated solution for 24/7 roll-media production of all your UVgel mass volumes applications.

Are you looking for the UVgel advantage in mass volumes?

The UVgel Print Factory is here for you. Of course, you get all the advantages of the Colorado M-series and UVgel technology; razor-sharp, odourless, instant-dry prints with a wide colour gamut, extremely durable and consistently repeatable over time and over different machines. And with the addition of 400kg bulk-sized media input and output, you can run long jobs all day and all night, without intervention.

With the UVgel Print Factory, you can print on a wide variety of media, allowing you the full breadth of the Colorado M-series application range – only now in bulk.

The Colorado open interface enables the UVgel Wallpaper Factory to be integrated into existing workflows, giving the option to choose input and output solutions from different suppliers.

The UVgel Print Factory is a fully modular workflow, consisting of:

  1. A motorised Fotoba Jumbo Roll JRL 170 media feeder
  2. The Colorado M-series or the Colorado 1650 Large Format roll-to-roll printer
  3. A Fotoba Rewinder JRR 170, rewinding the output on a big roll, ready for finishing

The UVgel Print Factory is now available for the Colorado series.

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