“Our philosophy is simple – great art doing good.” – Barbara Chandler Allen, founder and president, Fresh Artists.

Fresh Artists’ mission is to amplify the voice of children by promoting their access to the transformative process of art making, validating their talent and providing opportunities to express their selfless concern for the well-being of others.

The nonprofit Fresh Artists was founded in 2008 as a direct response to the School District of Philadelphia’s art education budgets being slashed. Two individuals saw an opportunity to utilize impactful reproductions of local children’s artwork to raise funds for art supplies—and empower the city’s children to play a seminal role in helping other children.

Students were given an important purpose, businesses were delighted to donate to the nonprofit to help community schools while displaying distinctive scaled-up art reproductions in their offices, and teachers began to see desperately needed art supplies filling their empty shelves.

The importance of quality public art education cannot be overstated, and particularly in severely under-resourced public schools, it depends on donations of art supplies and sponsorship of innovative art programs to enrich the lives and education of children.

As part of our ongoing support of Fresh Artists, Canon Solutions America has donated large format machines to print Fresh Artists pieces for their Corporate Art program, school installations, art shows, and more.

Fresh Artists Bird Brigade. Students’ work was featured at the Philadelphia Flower Show, with the help of Canon large format printing technology.

Published 24th Nov 2021

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