Canon Poland, Canon Hungary and Canon Czech visited Poing for an Arizona Knowledge Training

Recently a group of Sales, Marketing and Applications colleagues from Canon Poland, Canon Hungary and Canon Czech were invited to an Arizona Knowledge Training at the Customer Experience Center in Poing, Germany. The training took place on 16 & 17 October 2023, two days before Canon EMEA organised Make It Future-Proof 2023.



The training about Arizona technologies consisted of a mix of theory and hands-on practice sessions. The objective was to refresh product skills, learn what is in for customers and why to be very proud of the Arizona family.
The theoretical part was completed by a practical part at the Arizona 2380GTF with the great support of Peter Henry. And an Arizona Factory Tour could not be missing; Sebastian Meyer guided everyone around the production hall with his experience.


From left to right: Team Poland, Team Hungary and Team Czech


After a day of hard training on the Arizona series the group enjoyed a great dinner at the typical Dalmation restaurant “Bei Onkel Ivo” in Poing. Everyone agreed that their expectations were more than exceeded. The group especially liked to be able to discuss and share experiences outside of their own countries and was happy to discover more details about the unique Arizona family.

Curious about the training possibilities at the Customer Experience Centers around the world? Please contact your local account manager!

Published 08th Nov 2023

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