Credits: “A Casa Ovunque ’24 PH @anruggeri Art direction e stylling Marta Meda”

In the bustling heart of Milan Design Week, Casa Ovunque 2024 emerged as a beacon of innovation, with Canon leading the charge in redefining spaces and experiences. The event was organized by Sfera MediaGroup, the childhood division of RCS MediaGroup and The Playful Living, a creative and international multi-level design agency. Stepping into this realm felt like embarking on a journey where technology seamlessly intertwined with everyday life.

Credits: “A Casa Ovunque ’24 PH @anruggeri Art direction e stylling Marta Meda”

The journey began with a focus on Interior Décor, where Canon’s large format printing solutions took center stage. Architects, designers, and printers marveled at the possibilities, from personalized walls to transformed furniture, all thanks to Canon’s cutting-edge technology, in partnership with D-Segno Studio’s Murals wallcovering.

But Canon’s impact didn’t stop there. It extended into the very fabric of daily life, where memories were immortalized through personalized photo printing with the Canon Selphy CP 1500. Meanwhile, kids delved into a world of creativity with Canon Creative Park, where imagination knew no bounds.

In the Cultural Business Lounge, Canon’s presence was palpable, with its technologies for content creation elevating experiences to new heights. From EOS R system cameras capturing moments in stunning detail to the Powershot V10 camcorder enabling seamless live streaming, Canon was at the forefront of innovation.

Yet, Casa Ovunque 2024 was more than just a showcase of technology; it was a testament to Canon’s commitment to the Kyosei philosophy—living and working together for the common good. Through reimagined spaces and hospitality, Canon’s Total Imaging Experience inspired a new way of living, where creativity and innovation thrived.

As the curtains closed on Casa Ovunque 2024, the echoes of inspiration lingered, reminding us that the journey towards innovation is never-ending. And with Canon leading the way, the future looks brighter than ever.

Join us on this journey of exploration, where every moment is an opportunity to redefine what’s possible.



Published 08th May 2024

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