Digital packaging opens up new business opportunities

Discover how Intrapec is serving new customers by offering customized packaging and by efficiently handling short runs thanks to the Arizona 2300 series.



Intrapec Group BV is specialized in the design and is a manufacturer of customer-specific corrugated cardboard packaging and displays. With an extensive and highly advanced machine park, its own design department, and the possibility to deliver from stock with its own logistics center, the company has grown into a full-scale producer of corrugated cardboard packaging. The addition of an Arizona 2300 series flatbed printer has not only opened up new commercial opportunities, it is also enabling Intrapec to handle short runs efficiently.


“The trend in the packaging industry is that packaging is becoming more personalized. With smaller quantities.”

Paul de Lange, CEO, Intrapec Group BV


Exploring new possibilities of digital packaging

After a thorough purchasing process Intrapec Group BV decided to invest in the Arizona 2300 series. The well-established Canon reputation, value for money and the extensive service network were key-factors in the decision to choose the Arizona flatbed printer. The combination with the Zünd digital cutter means Intrapec is now fully equipped to explore the new possibilities of digital packaging. They can even combine their offset and flexo-presses with their Arizona in mixed applications.


Some of the benefits that Paul de Lange and his team have already discovered include the ability to run small production jobs efficiently. They are also impressed by the ease with which they can now create prototypes and personalized packaging.


“With digital printing we can prototype much easier and personalize things per item, per company. The possibilities are dazzling.”

Paul de Lange, CEO, Intrapec Group BV


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Published 07th Jul 2022

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