Our environmental philosophy

We seek to harmonize environmental and economic interests in the development of innovative print products and services by enabling the business while minimizing the impact on the environment. We apply strict standards to ensure the safety of products.

Our environmental policy

  • We increase the environmental awareness of our employees and encourage environmental protection initiatives on corporate and individual level.
  • We comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and the Canon Group environmental assurance policies.
  • We aim to minimize the environmental footprint of our products throughout the product lifecycle.
  • We operate and enhance our asset recovery facilities, in order to contribute to establishment of the circular economy. End of life treatment, reuse, refurbishment and remanufacturing of products and parts are key elements.
  • We have minimal environmental impact as one of our purchasing criteria.
  • We practice energy efficiency throughout all our premises, plants and equipment based on cost effectiveness; this is supported by the implemented energy management system.
  • We promote and support biodiversity in the regions of our sites with a special focus on birds.
  • We operate an environmental management system in order to continuously improve our environmental performance and to prevent environmental pollution. Key focus points are: product energy use and material; as well as site energy, waste, emissions and water.
  • We establish and review environmental objectives and targets to steer the continuous improvement.


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