About Shiraz

With the introduction of the Shiraz Rosetta RIP that is the culmination of over 25 years of continuous development and innovation a new benchmark is now set for sophistication, intuitiveness and completeness.

The user is no longer required to choose between affordability and features needed. Everything that is possibly necessary is included and can be utilized as the production requirements grows and/or business directions changes. Scale-ability and ease of it removes any potential worries in business decision making and enables one to focus on the other aspects with full confidence on production side.



Download a free 15-days fully functional Shiraz Rosetta RIP here

    • Proven Print Engine
    • Live Printer Status
    • Scalable Solutions
    • Hyper Threading
    • Ownership Options
    • Sophisticated Colour Management
    • Back End Server
    • Major Brands
    • Support Tools
    • Cross Platform


RIP Version

Colorado series RIP
1630 driver Shiraz Rosetta RIP (Windows & Mac)
1640 driver not available
1650 driver Shiraz Rosetta RIP (Windows & Mac)
FLXfinish+ support Shiraz Rosetta RIP (Windows & Mac)
M-series under development


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