Workflow automation to get the most out of your fleet

Controlling and operating your fleet of Large Format Graphics printers and finishing equipment can take a lot of time. And when your fleet is growing it will require even more staff. With OneVision’s Wide Format Automation Suite you can automate your print production workflow. The software suite comes with

  • a flexible workflow management system that integrates to your MIS/web shop, your RIP and your finishing devices (such as cutters),
  • a comprehensive prepress package that – based upon the job parameters – checks incoming files for errors, corrects them automatically, color manages, normalizes them and sets up print-ready PDFs,
  • and dedicated automation technologies for wide format printers such as nesting & cut line manager or tiling & paneling

Due to the high degree of automation, large format print jobs can be produced much more efficiently.

The flexible workflow management system lets you define and standardise your operations for fully automated print and production file preparation. The integrated Cut Line Manager accepts all line types and automatically corrects damaged or incomplete cut lines or sets up cut lines files that match the nested files. You can easily create bleed, varnish or white masks with a fully automated process – based upon the job ticket created in your MIS or in the web shop or in the workflow management system itself.

Reduce waste, errors and effort

OneVision combines multiple jobs on a roll or on rigid nesting. It automatically corrects errors in the source files and applies missing bleeds and masks to significantly reduce pre-press work. It lets you optimise the use of materials and prevent errors in your production process, eliminating rework and waste.

Meet some of our customers:

Download the video here

Download the video here



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