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Fiery is leading the transformation from analog to digital imaging with scalable, digital, award-winning products. Based in Silicon Valley, California with offices around the world, and developing breakthrough technologies for the manufacturing of signage, packaging, textiles, ceramic tiles, and personalized documents, with a wide range of printers, inks, digital front ends, and a comprehensive business and production workflow suite that transforms and streamlines the entire production process, increasing your competitiveness and boosting productivity.


Fiery XF 7 RIP overview: watch the video

Fiery XF 7 comes with a new user experience — Fiery Command WorkStation, interface for the management, layout, and editing of digital print jobs. It conveniently connects to multiple Fiery servers at a time — whether driving inkjet or cutsheet printers — and connects multiple printers to a single Fiery XF server for truly unified print job management through a single interface. The visual Fiery Job Editor allows you to apply job-specific settings on the fly, or to change properties beyond workflow defaults. The Fiery Job Center delivers unrivaled print job management, with the same power and usability for both Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® macOS® users.

 RIP Version

Colorado series RIP
1630 driver Min. Version Fiery XF 7.3.1 / recommended Fiery XF 7.3.3 (recent release)
1640 driver Min. Version Fiery XF 7.3.1 / recommended Fiery XF 7.3.3 (recent release)
1650 driver Min. Version Fiery XF 7.2.0 / recommended Fiery XF 7.3.3 (recent release)
FLXfinish+ support Min. Version Fiery XF 7.3.3 + AddOn (available thru our support) / Fiery XF 7.4 (planned for May 2023)
M-series 3 layer support , one CMYK image: Fiery XF 7.3.3 (on request)
M-series 5 layer support , one CMYK image: Fiery XF 8 (to be released)


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