About Agfa

Agfa Asanti is a complete, automated Sign & Display production hub featuring Agfa’s award-winning color management technology, powered by the latest version of Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE). It boasts fast, automatic PDF pre-flighting and advanced functionalities (e.g. nesting and tiling) for various applications (e.g. banners, displays, see-through prints).



Streamline your workflow with Asanti and you’ll

  • A single tool with an intuitive user interface to manage all your print data and devices, Agfa or not
  • Built-in color management for consistent color quality and reproduction with minimal effort
  • Automatic pre-flighting, PDF checking and managing of your entire printing process
  • Integrated solution for increased productivity including reliable, predictable and high-quality output
  • Integration with Asanti StoreFront web-to-print, PrintSphere data management and PrintTune standardization software
  • Powered by the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE)


RIP Version

Colorado series RIP
1630 driver not supported
1640 driver not supported
1650 driver supported as of Asanti V5.3
FLXfinish+ support supported as of Asanti V5.3
M-series not planned yet (only on-request)


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