IDent Oil and Gas Signage installs its third Arizona

Dany Babakhanian, president, IDent, and Dave Fraser, Canon’s senior account executive for Western Canada.


IDent Oil and Gas Signage of Calgary, Canada has been using Canon Arizona flatbed printers since 2007 in the production of mission-critical, industry compliant safety signage for the oil and gas industry.

The signs they manufacture are built on aluminum-vinyl base materials and are installed for up to 10 years in the harshest environmental conditions imaginable, the gas and oil fields of western Canada.

In addition to the Arizona, they have also implemented a fully automated liquid lamination line to ensure extraordinary weathering and UV protection for their signs.

Their success with two previous Arizona printers, prompted them to turn to Canon once again when they needed to renew their print production equipment. After seeing Canon’s FLOW technology in action, they confidently opted for a new Canon Arizona 2340 GTF to take them well into the future:

“The Arizona line of printers have been solid investments for us and fit our process flow very well,” said Dany Babakhanian, IDent’s president, to Printaction.

Published 14th Sep 2023

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