FESPA Belgium visited Canon Production Printing

On the 19th of September  we hosted the Belgian branch of the FESPA organization in our Canon Production Printing Headquarters (CPP HQ) in Venlo, The Netherlands.

The day began when we invited the directors of FESPA Belgium to host their yearly board meeting in the new CPP HQ. They were not only impressed with the new HQ building, but also they appreciated the many typical Dutch ‘croquettes’ that were part of their work lunch, and that set the joyful spirit for the rest of the day.

When the rest of the FESPA members arrived, the afternoon started in the auditorium were introduced the history of Canon and innovation on the Venlo site.

After a full portfolio overview of products and technologies developed in house, we also showed them some inspiring new applications (elevated printing, Tyvek foldable maps…), new cases customer cases and we made them part of our successes and challenges (e.g. how do you install a Colorado on the 20th floor during a typhoon?).

We then invited them have a tour of our new, state of the art UVgel Ink Factory, an operation that runs almost fully automated and looks super clean (not all ink factories are the same 😊).

We all finished in the Customer Experience Center, where we enjoyed a demo on the various Arizona and Colorado machines, but also saw the new varioPRINT iX at work, printing postcards at lightning speed.

After the Q&A and some hands-on print sessions, all participants received a Canon goodie bag, and the networking drink could start!

As the weather was good, we walked from an to the different sites, which made everybody realize how huge the “Venlo Campus” of Canon Production Printing really is.

As quoted by Femke Helon, president of FESPA Belgium: “This was truly an amazing day where we learned a lot about the different technologies are you master (you develop and produce your own printheads!), that there is lot of ingenuity in ink and you triggered us with some inspirational applications…and the best part of it: This it all happens in our backyard. This visit was truly eye-opening”.

As heard by the members, they  day was really insightful, entertaining and put Canon a bit firmer on the map with these specialized wide format companies.

Kris Walewijns
Business Development Mgr • LFG Strategic Marketing

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Published 28th Sep 2023

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