Multicopy Hoofddorp-Haarlem, part of a leading franchise in printing, faced various challenges in satisfying its customers. Tight deadlines and different print needs added pressure to their operations.

Their existing printing systems for large format printing couldn’t keep up, leading to delays, quality issues, and rising expenses. Multicopy Hoofddorp-Haarlem sought a solution to boost productivity, maintain quality, and simplify operations.


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Aim to increase productivity and maintain quality

Realizing the need for change, Multicopy turned to Canon. Their aim was clear: increase productivity, maintain quality, and streamline their operations. Canon’s Colorado M-series printers, equipped with advanced UVgel technology, stepped in to revolutionize printing. Implementing the Colorado led to a significant transformation for Multicopy.

Benefits of UVgel

The Colorado’s speed and flexibility allowed Multicopy to meet deadlines effortlessly, delivering top-notch prints. Plus, the user-friendly interface made operations smoother, reducing setup time and errors. Multicopy also saved on substrates and reduced wastage, resulting in immediate cost savings.

The broad application options of the Colorado M-series printers enabled Multicopy to print on various materials like table tennis tables, canvas, and posters, while maintaining consistent quality. Easy color management and setup simplified the printing process further, ensuring accurate and vibrant prints every time.

The inclusion of UVgel white ink made maintenance and setup a breeze. With Multicopy’s earlier Latex machine, they spent 30 minutes per day cleaning it, but with the Colorado M-series, maintenance became effortless.

Driving efficiency with Canon

In sum, Canon’s Colorado M-series printers have been a game-changer for Multicopy. They’ve helped overcome challenges, meet goals, and thrive in a competitive industry.

Published 04th Jul 2024

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