Are you interested in creating high-value textured prints, such as ADA signage, art reproductions, or the replication of natural materials such as wood or stone? If so, PRISMAelevate XL is the perfect software for you. This solution can take your prints to the next level. With the compatible Arizona printer series, you can create elevated and textured prints that unlock endless creativity. PRISMAelevate XL allows for the printing of intelligent layers of ink, enabling you to produce a wide range of superior-quality outputs and high-margin applications.


Some additional features you may be interested in include:

  • Textured printing of up to 4mm in height with PRISMAelevate v2.1.
  • Streamlined texture creation with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop plug-ins.
  • 3D rendered preview of texture to help eliminate printing mistakes.
  • Brila textured metallic varnish effects.
  • Image flip for a lenticular-like effect without lenses.
  • Use of both White Ink and Varnish to build texture.
  • Mold mode for increased print speeds.


Canon Arizona Contextual photoshoot 04-2022

Published 20th Jun 2024

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