Colorado 1650 achieves five-star ratings from Keypoint Intelligence

Keypoint Intelligence, a provider of insights and analysis around digital imaging, reports excellent results for the Colorado 1650 in its recent field tests. Keypoint Intelligence’s five-star verdict was presented to the market a few days ago.

Top ratings on image quality, usability and speed

With tests across three categories – image quality, usability and speed – the Colorado 1650 achieved top ratings across the board. Keypoint Intelligence didn’t hold back on the accolades. Colour images are praised as “routinely vibrant”, and testers also highlighted the “superb PANTONE colour accuracy”. The report also explained how easy it is with Canon’s FLXfinish curing technology to produce gloss and matte finishes without changing ink or media. Another feature singled out for praise (among many, many others): the excellent user experience of the control panel with at a glance status monitoring for simple navigation through options, which saves time for customers.

We could go on…but in short, Keypoint Intelligence’s report is a brilliant endorsement, and proof of the printer’s excellent fit for the fast-growing digital wallpaper marketplace.

You can read the full report here

For more information about the Keypoint Intelligence report, read the Canon Press Release.

Published 25th Mar 2021

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