Arrow Digital and Colorado at Media Expo Mumbai

Early March, Arrow Digital attended Media Expo Mumbai and showcased the Colorado 1650 UVgel technology. This was just weeks since their first install in Bangalore at Wallqueen Interiors.

At the event, the Colorado 1650 was a showstopper as visitors saw the benefits of the UVgel technology vs the opposition. They were amazed by FLXfinish+ and super impressed with the additional productivity. The dual gantry concept impressed the technical minded.

Visitors from the wallcovering segment were quite impressed with the quality, instant curing, and low ink consumption of the Colorado.  Sign and display customers were also happy to see the productivity of the printer and strong adhesion with non-cracking UVgel, particularly on fabrics.

Overall, the show was very successful and with many leads to follow up, will keep the Arrow team very busy.


Links to Colorado overview at the show: here and here.


Published 15th Mar 2023

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