As part of the plan to grow the APAC CPP business, CPPS has recently transformed some R&D space to a Colorado showroom at their office in Singapore.

The business builder Colorado 1650 sits in the graphically designed room utilising the ‘Print Beyond Limits’ theme with many Colorado applications on display.
These include an impressive ‘go further’ entrance floor graphic, large wall coverings, backlits and posters.

The Colorado 1650 will have many uses for the APAC region and has already been put through it’s paces over the first weeks of operation.

The Singapore Colorado is ready to support:

• benchmarking for partners and potential partners and customers
• service, applications and sales training
• specific media testing for the APAC region
• physical and virtual demonstrations
• problem solving to support service and application queries
• the uncovering and testing of new applications / media
• ourselves, by having real ‘hands on’ exposure to the Colorado

A big thank you to Mariska Rutten-Staring, Ezra Hattu, Ruud Sturme & Nicole Krupp for putting the application designs together for the stunning showroom appearance and to Cecilia Kum at CPPS for all the local support.

Steven Badger, Director Business Development, APAC

Published 23rd Jun 2022

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