Increase productivity and reduce overtime: choose the Colorado 1650

No more night shifts and overtime, no more increased productivity: thanks to intensive cooperation with Canon and an investment in the Colorado 1650, Boss Bern AG has increased its productivity without compromising quality.

Efficiency and diversity through innovation

Boss Bern AG’s strength lies in the diversity of its product range and the agility with which it is implemented. This makes it all the more important for the company to withstand the pressure of ever-increasing productivity and demand for advertising media.

Accelerating Production and Growth with the Colorado 1650

The Colorado 1650’s incredible range of applications opens up new possibilities for Boss Bern AG. With its many innovations, the machine offers a wide range of applications, maximum quality, and increased productivity while minimizing operating costs. This cost reduction is mainly due to the UVgel technology: thanks to the instantaneous drying and the automation of the workflows, it is possible to run even more jobs, including finishing, on a single machine. In addition, UVgel technology uses up to 40% less ink than other processes – a significant difference in terms of reduced operating costs.

“The device alone combines the advantages of all the machines. That in itself is revolutionary for us. We have replaced eight machines with just two,” says Stephan Boss.

One click, two finishes, one print

The UVgel technology developed by Canon is a printing and curing process that uses instant drying gel inks, which are cured by UV LED light. FLXfinish+ technology allows users to achieve a matte or glossy finish without having to change inks or media. Complex, high-margin jobs are now easy to complete, even under tight deadlines.

“Any new request must be processed the same day. So our productivity has to be as high as possible. That’s why we purchased the Colorado 1650.” Stephan Boss, Managing Director of Boss Bern AG

Published 15th Mar 2023

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