Famous photographer William Rutten performed a show in Venlo

Last Thursday evening William Rutten, a world-renowned pop photographer and known, among other things, from the Dutch television program “Het Perfecte Plaatje”, performed at Theater de Maaspoort in Venlo. Together with many Canon Production Printing colleagues, we saw a great show about talent, coloring outside the lines, and passion.

In collaboration with William Rutten and the Maaspoort, Canon Production Printing printed a selection of the most beautiful photos on nine different materials (acrylic, aluminum, dibond, wood, cardboard, forex, vinyl, etc.) in size 100x150cm on Canon Arizona flatbed printers.

With our Colorado series, we printed the Blood Moon with our FLXfinish+ technology. This created a spectacular effect, as the moon was printed with gloss and the surrounding sky was matte black. William Rutten was very impressed with the options, possibilities, and sharpness of the images, and he has decided to use the XL images in his follow-up shows as well.

William also signed 320 photos printed on the varioPRINT iX-series, which the visitors were allowed to take home.

William Rutten raved about the prints we delivered. He mentioned Canon Production Printing often during the show and on his social media channels. Curious about what he posted? Check it out here:

Published 10th Nov 2022

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