2023 Print beyond Limits FLXfinish+ Wall Calendar

Canon Production Printing’s theme this year has been “Print Beyond Limits”. This is exactly what we’ve witnessed with the release of FLXfinish+ for the Colorado series.

To help you highlight the theme, CPP is releasing the 2023 Print Beyond Limits FLXfinish+ Wall Calendar.

This A1 sized calendar has been produced to allow not only yourselves as the region, but your partners and customers to reproduce this as an application example.

Our aim is to share this calendar file to as many LFG partners and customers utilising FLXfinish+ so that they can print and share this with their own potential customers.
Sales organisations can also print the calendars to utilise as ‘application’ giveaways.

Recommendation when printing in FLXfinish+ mode is to use any smooth surface media and of course these calendars can be resized to your own requirements!

Please contact the GP team here with any queries. And please download the Wall Calendar via below link:


Are you more interested in a calendar with week numbers? Via below link you will find 4 Wall Calendars with week numbers:


Published 24th Nov 2022

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